You're ready!

You're ready! Either to start planning your wedding or talking to us about becoming your wedding planner 

Here are the first 5 things to consider-

1. When do you want to get married? Would you like a Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter wedding or do you have an exact date in mind?

2. How many people would you like to attend? Would you like an intimate affair, a grand party or a banquet busting bash. My suggestion would be to write down the people who must be there, whether that is a list of 4 or 200, then give yourself a contingency in case you have missed anyone or meet any friends between now and the big day. Think about if you are going to invite plus one's and children as these all add up. 

3. Where do you want to get married? Home or away or somewhere-in-between, city/country/coast, barn/hotel/marquee/somewhere-entirely-different, etc. 

4. What can't you live without? What are the most important aspects of your wedding, you should make a list and prioritise top to bottom. Please consider point 5 when compiling the list, writing 'Michael Buble to be our wedding singer' as a top priority may not be in your budget, but hiring a swing band may be. 

5. What does your budget look like? We know that not everyone has an endless pot of cash but the aim is to get as much of what's on your 'important aspects' list as possible. However, being flexible in certain areas will help you achieve what's a top priority without having to make too many sacrifices. And if the budget really won't reach, start compromising at the bottom and work your way up. Budget management is a large part of planning a wedding and keeping a close eye on it is very important.


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